About Hvar:


The Hvar island has been inhabited since ancient times. The first findings from this area are the remains of the Hvar culture (3500 – 2500 B.C.) from the Neolithic founds in the Grabčeva and Markova špilja (cave).

In the 4th century B.C. Greeks from the Pharaohs island came to the island and grounded the Phasos settlement in the area of today's Stari Grad.

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Hvar was important in the Roman times and later as well. Nowadays, the remains of ancient cultures can be found all over the island, in towns and in the middle of fields. Stone fences have been there for thousands of years. Starogradsko polje with ancient stone walls is under protection of UNESCO.

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Zavala is one of the places on the south coast of the Hvar island, which is well known for its special microclimate. It almost never rains here in the summer, yet it is not to hot due to pleasant light wind. No mass tourism is found here; because of the tunnel no buses and big vehicles can reach Zavala.